Who We Are

Shotokan Karate of America (SKA) is a nonprofit organization teaching traditional karate-do in the United States since 1956 (most Americans had never even heard of karate in 1956). Because of SKA’s strong resolve to offer high-quality martial […]


Benefits of Karate Practice

Karate practice strengthens the mind, develops composure, a clearer thought process, deeper insight into one’s mental capabilities, and more self-confidence. It strengthens the entire body, improves coordination, quickens reflexes, builds stamina and overall health.


How to Begin

Locate the SKA dojo (school) nearest you to observe a practice and try a complimentary class. Each dojo determines its own affordable practice fee, depending on location and expenses. In SKA there are no contracts to commit to, so beginners are able to explore karate training without pressure.



Karate’s pre-history can be traced back to Daruma (aka Bodhidharma), founder of Zen Buddhism in Western India. Daruma is said to have introduced Buddhism into China somewhere around the year 500 CE, incorporating spiritual and […]


Find a Dojo

Where can you find us? Here’s the most current map and information about SKA Dojos in the USA plus International Organizations affiliated with chief instructor Tsutomu Ohshima. Contact the one nearest you and get started today!


Tsutomu Ohshima

Tsutomu Ohshima is the founder and Shihan (Chief Instructor) of Shotokan Karate of America (SKA), and is also recognized as chief instructor of many other international Shotokan organizations. Mr. Ohshima’s branch of the Shotokan world has […]


SKA Special Training

Special Training has come down to us from martial artists of the past who sought a way to put their mental and physical powers to a test by calling upon their innermost strengths–strengths that you will realize you also possess after this intensive training experience. Indeed, to put ourselves into hardship, to push ourselves …



Japanese karate terminology is frequently used during practices. Our glossary provides brief audio recordings giving pronunciation and each term is defined. Special tips are also provided – for example, when “Sensei” is used as an honorific, it is attached to the end of the person’s family name, e.g. Ohshima Sensei (not Sensei Ohshima).


Nisei Week Karate Exhibition & Tournament

SKA’s Nisei Week Karate Exhibition & Tournament is the oldest karate demonstration in the United States. Every August, karate practitioners from dojos throughout the U.S. and abroad gather at Caltech’s Braun Athletic Center in Pasadena, […]